The Company Plane is a boutique private flying advisory practice managed by a professional jet captain and his colleagues, all uniquely versed in the high net worth lifestyle. While we incorporate technology, our method starts with conversations, rather than apps, to inform us how to thoughtfully assist companies and individuals in evaluating their distinct needs. We excel in charter bookings, jet card evaluation and aircraft purchase analysis and brokerage.

We author stories that provide insight on private flying, including benefits, safety and trends, along with great destinations and more. 


About Our Founder/Managing Partner

Our founder's professional life as a pilot started ten days after his 18th birthday, when he earned his commercial pilot license and became a flight instructor. Over the next several years he guided countless students to earn their private, instrument, commercial, or, multi-engine license. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Jim drifted from flying to acquire, and substantially grow, a publishing company which he still partially owns and oversees. In those years of absence from the cockpit, he enjoyed sitting the back of corporate jets, on both business trips and vacations.

Dormant inside, the flying bug surfaced again a few years ago, and it was jet-fueled. There was (and still is) a profound pilot shortage, so he decided to lend his talents. After being pilot in command of over 35 different aircraft types, Jim earned his airline transport pilot license (ATP, the "PhD" of flying) and launched into the jet age. He landed a job flying Lear 31s and 55s, mainly flying teams of doctors to harvest organs for transplant – any hour of the day or night. It was intense - having to juggle weather, maintenance, operational considerations and fatigue, along with the constant pressures of patients and O.R. times.

Today, as a captain on a fleet of Lear 60s, and on a reduced-flying schedule, he enjoys  that flying families and business folks around is a lot less pressure than the all-night medical runs. With his unique experience, and thousands of hours in the front left seat, Jim Kastleman guides clients, and our staff, to expertly navigate the private flying world.