Study Shows How Companies That Fly Private Perform Better

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A great deal of my prior life was spent in the publishing and marketing business. I was obsessed with quantifying business results: which tactics worked best to move the sales needle: advertising (print or digital?), public relations, social media, email, sponsorships or events (spoiler: it’s a thoughtful combination of all of the above). As I was easing back into flying, I became intrigued with the question: Why do businesses use private aviation (either ownership or charter), and, what is the empirical data that proves its worth?

We all know the basics of flying for business: have multiple meetings in different cities, bring multiple employees, land closer to your destination than the airlines, and…be back home at night for dinner with the family. Additionally, bring customers to you, fly vital cargo, send technical folks and equipment to the problem, etc.

In 2009, NEXA Advisors came out with an incredibly in-depth study of companies that use private aviation as a productive tool. It analyzed myriad metrics to compare companies that flew private and companies that did not (users versus non-users). The results were clear: companies that flew private had demonstratively better financial results. NEXA just updated their findings in a new report. Here are a few takeaways, and, read the full report HERE.

• Users had higher yearly revenue growth than non-users

• Users had higher yearly EBITDA growth than non-users

• Users had higher yearly market cap growth than non-users

• 86% of S&P “Top 50 Performing Stocks” are users

• 92% of Forbes 50 “Most-Innovative Companies” are users

• 95% of Fortune “Best Places to Work” are users

• 100% of Forbes “100 Most-Trustworthy Companies” are users