Dream a Bit: Gulfstream 650ER Interior’s Video

G650ER, beautiful inside and out.

G650ER, beautiful inside and out.

Dream big or go home, they say. Here’s is a walk-through of the G650ER’s interior, providing insight to the comforts given to the passengers.


I recently had lunch with a couple buddies who fly a G650. I asked their thoughts on its best characteristics, from a pilot’s view. Number one: speed. They say they can make it to London from Houston about an hour faster than the airlines. If fact, the last time they flew overseas, an airliner on the over-ocean frequency asked what type of plane just passed overhead and what their speed was, “G650, Mach .9”. The next best thing is the ability to fly non- stop to so many destinations. Having to stop for fuel is a time-waster, plus, picking up an additional clearance and coordinating entry onto the over-ocean tracks is a pain.

- Editor

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