Charter Pricing to Santa Barbara

If our story on Santa Barbara inspired you, grab the gals, or, some couples, and take off.

From Houston or Dallas and back, here are some sample costs:

  • Midsize Jet/up to 8 passengers/medium luggage $29,000
  • Large Jet/up to 9 passengers/heavy luggage $43,000
  • Heavy Jet/up to 12 passengers/heavy luggage $58,000

The pricing shown is simply a primer and do not include taxes. They are very real numbers, however, there are many factors that affect pricing, namely, actual passenger count, amount and size of luggage and the number of days at the destination. Final pricing will include taxes and any extra fees that may apply, for example, special landing or hanger fees, extra flight time due to air traffic or weather delays, de-icing, catering or special requests.

We’re Texas-based, so it’s easy to give sample pricing from Houston or Dallas. If you live in a different city, reach out to us and we can provide pricing from your hometown.